The Benefits of Leasing Restoration-Related Equipment

restoration equipment leasingLeasing is a pretty common way to acquire cars, trucks, equipment, even appliances in today’s world. This is a sure-fire way to get all the equipment you need without shelling out a ton of cash up front. Instead, you end up with manageable monthly payments – and everything you need to get your business off the ground from day one. This works for existing restoration companies and newbies, alike!

Leases are appealing because customers often don’t have all the money needed up front to buy what they need. If a homeowner doesn’t have any savings, they likely won’t be able to go to the nearest Sears and buy a new washing machine when their current one dies. Likewise, when you’re starting up a restoration company, there is a whole lot of equipment you need – and that means thousands of dollars up front. What if you could use the money you’ve saved over the years to invest in people, a building, and other parts of your business – rather than worrying about the actual equipment? This is where Viking Financial can help.

Still not convinced leasing is the best option for you? How about these reasons.d

  1. Leasing helps maintain cash flow.

By setting up a lease deal, you can get what you need, pay for it with manageable payments, and still have cash in the back for other business-related costs. You know what your payment will be every month, and also know if you need to invest in new equipment down the road, it won’t be an overwhelming goal. Hellllllooooo happy accountant!

  1. Stay ahead of the technology & innovation curve.

The restoration industry is constantly evolving and changing! There are new innovations on the market all the time – whether it be the latest software, new thermal imaging cameras, high-quality dryers and air movers, laser-cleaning technology, or something else, many of the innovations are suddenly within reach when you have a financial company on your side who can turn your dreams into reality.

With nothing out of reach, you can set up a lease agreement to get your hands on the innovative latest equipment ahead of your competition, and get an edge on them before they even know what hit them.

  1. It’s personalized.

Sure, there are a lot of big banks and credit card companies out there who will gladly give you money to buy whatever you need. However, there can be hidden costs and tricks you may not learn about from the start.

Working with a financial company who knows the restoration industry can help you make more educated purchasing decisions, and guarantee you a straight-forward borrowing experience. Imagine having the same point of contact through the entire life of the agreement. No waiting on hold, no prompts, no getting patched through to a foreign country for customer service support.

Viking Financial has a number of flexible options built to suit any size business. If you’re just getting started, there are even options to delay payments up to 120 days so you can get your feet on the ground and the business up and running. Plus, we can get you approved in just a few hours with competitive rates and low up-front costs.

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